How It Works


Rather than go through a challenging application and selection process, Hand Up partners with selected schools who identify and nominate students each year. Our view is that given the relevant criteria set by Hand Up, the school is ideally positioned to carry out this identification.

To date, Hand Up has partnered with Auckland Girls Grammar, St Pauls College, Birkenhead College and Westlake Boys High School.


Up to 3 students are nominated by each participating school and are identified using the following criteria:

  • Year 12 minimum
  • Displayed considerable talent in their chosen sport
  • Value education and motivated to continue learning
  • Financially disadvantaged

Those students are then required to complete the Hand Up Application Form.


The intention is to support each student recipient through until they leave secondary school. This commitment is reviewed annually.



The scholar is 'managed' by a staff member from the partner school to ensure that they are utilising the scholarship to its maximum potential. This person is also responsible for liaising with Hand Up on a regular basis and for providing Hand Up with an annual report on the scholar and their achievements.

Invoices are submitted to Hand Up for approval, following which payment is made by Hand Up directly to the relevant sporting code or organisation. 


  1. Financial Assistance Travel and Accommodation Subsidies
    The scholar receives financial assistance for fees, equipment, travel and accommodation to assist them to attend relevant sporting events. This is usually capped at $1500 per annum, but Hand Up will consider special circumstances.

  2. Device and broadband internet access
    The scholar receives a device and if required, 12 months broadband access to assist them with their schooling, particularly when they are travelling with their sporting code.


  • Utilising the scholarship to its maximum potential
  • Regular updates to Hand Up Foundation directly or via selected manager
  • Provide a testimonial at the end of the scholarship

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Hand Up Foundation (CC38530) is a registered Charitable Trust.
As an approved donee organisation donors to Hand Up are eligible to claim 33.3% of their donation back through a tax credit.

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